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Why We Use Project Management Tools For Our Web Design Tasks

Ben Rios Blog by Ben Rios | December 19, 2022

Project management is the method of executing project goals by documenting them on a scheduled timeline to help minimize risk, ensure a successful, and punctual outcome for your client. The core responsibilities that accompany project management are scope, time, and budget. There are various project management software tools on the market, and all work just fine. As long as your team realizes the importance of delivering a final product that meets your client’s expectations, your project will run smoothly.

Steadfast Websites will bring your dream website to fruition while also utilizing important project management tools and resources. So why even use project management for our web design tasks? Below are some reasons to provide you some insight.

Plan To Minimize Risk

I am sure you have probably heard the quote before, “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”. Indeed, planning and brainstorming will save you a lot of time in the long run. Planning saves not only time, but money as well. Having a fixed or flexible budget is important when planning your tasks for your team. You want to make sure your project is completed within time and budget constraints.

Planning also helps your team implement realistic goals for your web design project. It helps your team understand the planning phase as well to avoid any confusion from the get-go. Overall, exceptional planning will help minimize risk in the long run.

Why we use project management tools for our web design tasks
Why we use project management tools for our web design tasks

Increased Transparency

If you have ever worked on a task without a clear and concrete project scope, it can cause confusion among your peers and team members. It’s important for your web design or digital marketing team to be as transparent and communicative as possible. Our team focuses on being transparent, and we are not afraid to ask questions before proceeding with our project.

Increasing transparency and effective communication with your team members and project manager will ensure a stress-free and happy work environment. It will also help steer your projects onto the right path.

Effective Monitoring

Another reason why we use project management tools for our web design tasks is because we believe that monitoring your project schedule is one of the most important steps that is overlooked. By monitoring, your team will be able to identify any problems early, troubleshoot them, and find a solution. 

Your project lifecycle will soon come to an end, however the monitoring process won’t end there. Once the website is launched onto the web, you will need to monitor the website to make sure it is loading and performing well. 

A Thorough Checklist

Managing a project also consists of a web design checklist to utilize before the website is launched. This phase also takes time to do, so it must be included in the project timeline. Performing a thorough web design checklist consists of various project tasks that must be double checked. 

This checklist consists of:

  • Spell check grammar and punctuation
  • Testing website speed and performance
  • Resizing / compressing photos and graphics
  • Adding important script tags
  • Checking that h tags are being used properly
  • Making sure all links are working
  • Making sure phone number links work
  • Checking mobile responsiveness
  • Checking for 404s
  • And much more…
Client Satisfaction

The most important reason why our team utilizes project management tools for our web design projects is because it will effectively achieve client satisfaction. Developing a healthy relationship with your client is something to never take for granted. Trust is difficult to establish and easy to lose. If you use effective project management tools, it will inform your client that you take the project assigned very seriously. However, if you do not take the project assigned seriously and allow the project to go stale, the website may never come to fruition. 

Client satisfaction also comes with transparency and communication too. Feel free to communicate with your client on the project management goals for their website project. Update them on the progress, let them know what you need from them in order to keep the project phase flowing. Your client will appreciate it.

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The importance of using project management tools and resources for our web design tasks help us plan effectively, minimize risk, increase transparency and communication, monitor our project timeline, and develop a thorough checklist before launching in order to achieve a robust website and client satisfaction.

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