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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Website Redesign Services

Ben Rios Blog by Ben Rios | October 18, 2022

If you have an existing website and feel like it needs an overhaul, you should definitely listen to your conscience. Overall, your website is valuable to you and you deserve to have an online presentation that is pleasing to the eyes and easily accessible. There are 5 important reasons why you should consider redesigning your website.

1. Improve User Experience

One of the main responsibilities of owning a vehicle is making sure that your car is serviced frequently. Just like a car, a website also needs routine maintenance from time to time. Aside from your typical tune-up, a website may just be completely outdated and need a major overhaul. This is realistically common because design trends and online technology are constantly evolving every 3-5 years.

There are some cases where some websites were just poorly coded and built. Thus, resulting in a poor user experience that became worse overtime. If you are invested in your online search rankings, this may also lead to poor SEO results.

Our experts at Steadfast Websites specialize in website redesign projects. We focus on improving your overall user experience and utilizing the latest design/development trends for mobile devices as well.

2. Improve Performance

Poor speed performance is another hint that your website was not built to acceptable standards. Elements that may affect your speed performance consist of large photos that must be compressed and optimized, graphics that are too large, too many fonts installed, too many scripts, and so forth.

These issues can be fixed with routine maintenance. However, it is best to use a new and robust template that has less bloat. Our experts are capable of redesigning your web pages by limiting the amount of http requests on your website. This will ensure a faster server response time and quick loading speeds.

Web Redesign
Web Redesign

3. Increase Online Traffic

There are many ways of increasing your online website traffic. A website redesign will definitely do the job. Website traffic can surely slow down and take a dip if your site takes too long to load, and if the user interface and user experience (UX/UI) is poor. This will result in a higher bounce rate.

Our web design team will use certain tools and elements to help increase online traffic through your redesigned website. Important elements such as content expansion and more call to actions are just a couple tools to incorporate. If you are invested in search engine optimization, we will keep your SEO intact if your rankings look great, and we will work on improving it if we feel like it needs improvement.

4. Generate More Leads

Redesigning your website with an updated interface that performs a lot faster may not only increase your web traffic, it may also help you generate more leads. Online users typically engage more with a website if it has a modern look and feel to it. Speed and performance are very important and play a huge role as well.

If we feel your website also needs improvement with your online booking form, we will go ahead and make those updates as well. Making additional improvements such as adding a few more fields, or even minimizing the booking form for a faster and convenient experience. Our team has the skills to thoroughly update and test the overall user experience of your website to help generate more leads for your company.

5. Rebrand Your Business

If you are looking to rebrand your business, a modern website redesign is essential to reflect the vision that you are looking for. Our web team will ensure a smooth transition after the redesign process is completed. We will completely rebrand your website while keeping your content and SEO intact.

Redesign Your Website Today

If you need to redesign or rebrand your website to help improve performance, user experience, online traffic, and generate more leads, get started today with Steadfast Websites. We will revamp and improve all coded elements, graphics, and visuals to help better serve your online users.

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