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How to Choose a Color Palette That is Right for You

Ben Rios Blog by Ben Rios | March 7, 2023

Color scheme selection can be a fun, exciting experience, but it can also be a frustrating one at the same time. Whether you’re selecting a color for your new car, colors for your new home, business suits etc. the decision to do so is time consuming. There is a lot of second guessing about which colors to choose from, unless you already have a concrete decision on what your color selection is.

As for the web, color section for your website is a decision that must be observed through multiple angles. There are various factors to consider when choosing specific colors for your website.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Before choosing your desired colors, stick to 3 as your maximum. Going overboard on your colors will result in a poorly designed presentation. Unless your website is a circus-themed presentation, then by all means, choose more than 3 colors. Your palette should be minimal with at least one pop color to use for subtle elements, and for call to actions such as buttons.

If you’re just starting your company, choose colors based on your brand and business theme. Research your competitors to see which colors they are using, and adjust your colors by a couple shades. Research color mood and behavior too. Colors can affect mood and behavior like famous restaurants. Notice how In-N-Out and Mcdonald’s for example incorporate similar shades of colors into their branding. Red and yellow can affect your mood, and trigger hunger. So, remember to choose your colors wisely, as they will greatly reflect your branding.

How to Choose a Color Palette That is Right for You
How to Choose a Color Palette That is Right for You

Experiment With Unique Colors

There are tons of web-based colors to choose from with various shades to represent your website. Feel free to experiement with unique web-safe colors that compliment the feel of your site. The great thing about these colors is that they are quite convenient to replace and swap out. Evidently, you will want your website to guide you into which colors will suit best.

If you need any guidance with web colors, our team at Steadfast will work with you in deciding your color choices, and help you narrow them down to a few.  If you need any addtional assistance with implementing these colors into your CSS stylesheet, reach out to us today.

Web Vs Print-Based Colors

Print-based colors vary slightly, expecially when playing with various colors on Photoshop. Make sure web-safe colors are selected so that your color palette will match. Web colors are known as RGB, print colors are called CMYK. The mixing processes of these colors are different, which what results in a huge color differential.

For web colors, there are 2 types of codes that represent each color. RGB and HEX. RGB is a long encoded combination of letters and numbers that make up that specific color. The HEX color code only consists of 6 digits, and is the code we recommend using for your color palette. Whatever HEX color code your primary selection is, make sure to save it, or send it to us so we can help you implement your colors on your website.


The color selection process for your website, may take some critical thinking. The beauty of it is that there are tons of colors to choose from to help compliment your branding and your website presence. Now that we have shown you how to choose a color palette that is right for you and your business, reach out to us today for additional assistance and guidance.

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