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3 Things Your Visitors Will Want to See on Your Website

Ben Rios Blog by Ben Rios | February 6, 2023

You only have an average of 15 seconds to impress your online visitors with your website. Think of it as as online elevator pitch. When it comes to crafting a website, these 3 things are what designers and developers should be implementing for your online presentation. If they are not doing that, then you’ll need to hire a new developer. These 3 things are also valuable for prospective clients, and it will help educate them on what needs to be the main focus of the website before proceeding with a project. The 3 main things that your visitors are looking for on your website are simple.

1. Who You Are

Your viewers want to know who you are first and foremost. It does not have to be a huge paragraph. It can be either one or two sentences, it can be a title, or it can also be a visual like a short video clip. A quick introduction is all you need to break the ice with your online audience. You can also compare this introduction as if it were speed dating. Your 15 seconds are the most critical, and your results will determine if you did this correctly.

Introducing who you are seems rather simple if you’re a social butterfly, however doing this online requires a lot more critical thinking. Overall, with repetitive practice, you’ll become an online social, marketing guru.

3 Things Your Visitors Want to See On Your Website
3 Things Your Visitors Want to See On Your Website

2. What You Provide

Step 2 is quite easy, and it includes a brief introduction into what your company provides. During this phase, you can highlight some of the services or treatments your company provides. You may also share about how your business became about, when you were established, and so forth.

You even have the freedom to brag about your business. You can emphasize your accomplishments, goals, your mission statement, and much more. Any of the services that you highlight will also help with your SEO down the future. So be as creative with describing about what your company provides.

3. How Does This Benefit Me?

The final thing your visitors will want to see on your website is also a critical one which requires a lot of critical thinking. Your audience will want to know why and how your services or treatments benefit them. You will need to do a lot of bait and convincing to hook your audience in. Explain what makes your company different from your competition. Why are you better? And why should your visitors choose you?

The important part about this phase is to not act like a salesman. Rather than using sales pitches or techniques to persuade your potential clients to choose you, our best advice is to simply educate them instead. Feel free to educate them about the tools and resources your company provides. Your audience will appreciate that more and indeed learn a thing or two. Feel free to showcase your work too. Your visual work and results may be very compelling. More than you can ever imagine.


In conclusion, your visitors who surf the web and land on your website don’t really plan on staying long if your content is not convincing enough to stay. The power is within you to follow this advice and develop your own marketing strategy by educating your audience. Your 15 seconds begin now.

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